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divine_fanaticy's Journal


most of what you need to know is in my interests list. i regularly attend anime central in rosemont, illinois near chicago. i love anime, but only certain ones. i cosplay and i make my own costumes. i write fanfiction and i draw fanart. i collect pinky:st dolls.

i love lolita fashion and i make all my lolita clothes myself. my favorite styles at this time are sweet, classic, sailor, pirate, and steampunk lolita, as well as ouji/kodona.

i like japanese music, but not all of it. my goal is to publish at least one comic (the one i am currently working on) with a big publisher like Tokyopop (they'll publish anything nowadays, anyway). i type things with no capitalization except names, unless i'm witing fanfiction. i don't know why, i just like it that way.

i post fiction, art, sewing progress, and various other ramblings. yay.

my cosplay.com
my cafepress
my pinky-street
my amv.org
my youtube
my newly-spawned deviantart
my sales journal

from kyouyakun/pan, because they're gorgeous. *_*

Loveless Addicted.

Ouran is pure love.

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